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Whoever he used to be, the guy he is now, he isn’t the kind you save; he’s the kind you stop.


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make me choose memetenroseforevermore asked Allons-y or Fantastic?

Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 2;
Do not pity the dead, Harry, pity the living. Above all, pity those who live without love. By returning you may ensure that fewer souls are maimed and fewer families are torn apart. If that seems to you a worthy goal, then we say goodbye for the present.

"I don’t look for trouble but trouble looks for me." {x}

The Avengers + name meanings

Fili and Kili, heirs of Erebor

Far over the misty mountains grim

To dungeons deep and caverns dim

We must away, ere break of day,

To win our harps and gold from him! 


Superheroes - Past/Present Vol. 2 | Khoa Ho | (Part 1)


Two-Face by Nicolas Côme